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The Catholic Community of St. Bernadette Church in Houston, Texas would be pleased to have you join us.

Newcomer Orientation
You are invited to a Newcomer Orientation held on designated Sundays during the year.  Come meet fellow parishioners, take a walking tour of the grounds and learn about parish ministries, including those that focus on helping the poor, education, youth, health, the arts, community service, administration, technology and more. St. Bernadette Catholic Church is located at 15500 El Camino Real (corner of El Camino and El Dorado). For the next Orienation date contact Suzanne at 281-486-0337 x110.

Registering In The Parish

We would like to invite you to register in the parish. Parish registration forms can be obtained from the brochure rack in the back of the Church or from the parish office. Return completed forms to the office or in the collection basket.

Newcomer Orientation

Please join us for a parish orientation especially designed for individuals interested in joining the parish and/or those newly registered. Come and meet fellow parishioners, learn about parish ministries and take a walking tour of the grounds. If you are unable to make the scheduled orientation, please know that we are more than happy to share information about the parish and take you on a walking tour of the grounds at an alternate time. Contact the Newcomer Coordinator, at 281-486-0337 x110 for the date of the next orientation.

Welcome Back

Have you been away from the active practice of your faith for a while? Welcome back. Please know how welcome you are to re-explore your faith among the St. Bernadette Church parish community.

For Your Special Needs

Our priests would be happy to meet with you. Call the parish office at 281-486-0337 and ask to speak with Fr. Bob Barras, Pastor to schedule an appointment.

Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities

Please join us. Everyone is Welcome! The parish offers large print missalettes and music books, headphones for sound amplification, accessible seating, electric door, accessible restrooms and water fountains and an accepting and friendly environment.